Innovation at Work

We coined the phrase “Innovation at Work” because it represents both our core philosophy about innovation and our applied approach to helping our clients implement it. Innovation must work at work if it is to create value. Yet innovation often faces a host of potential idea killers. Idea generation is the easy part. The danger lies in getting ideas accepted into the organization with the requisite passion needed to see them through to fruition. Over the years, IMSTRAT, has identified a number of these organizational and human barriers that must me anticipated and then counterbalanced. Following are some of the most prevalent and preventable innovation¬† derailers.

Innovation Killers!
  • Missed Steps – Starting in the wrong place, ending in the wrong place
  • Failure to manage the Divergent/Convergent thought processes
  • Brainstorming without investigation
  • Not understanding the difference between an idea and an opportunity
  • Not picking the “chip on the shoulder” people to spearhead the efforts
  • Over promising, under delivering
  • No top cover
  • Failing large and slow rather than fast and small
  • Creating an innovation architecture that is not congruent with the realities of the organization
  • Allowing too many people the opportunity to say “no”
  • Treating innovation as a destination not a tool

Our mission is to make sure that our client’s innovation at work, “Works”