Innovation Judo

Innovation Judo reveals 7 secret principles that can help any innovator overcome the roadblocks and blockheads that they will inevitably meet on the path to creativity. And these principles do not presuppose an innovation friendly culture. In fact, the profiles in this book will introduce you to innovators who have succeeded even when their organizations’ culture was either not particularly friendly to new ideas or even downright hostile. Innovation Judo also gives the reader a diagnostic tool to help the innovator assess the company’s current friendliness and receptivity to innovation called the ILS (Innovation Landscape Survey). Senior leaders will also benefit from reading this book because they will be shown how to counterbalance the two biggest innovation killers in most organizations; Complexity and Wackiness. Thornberry has particularly sage advice for governmental organizations that often have the most difficult landscapes in which to promote new ideas.

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Lead Like An Entrepreneur

Run your organization like a risk-taking startup. Featuring in-depth profiles and success stories from some of today’s top companies, including IBM, 3M, Intel, General Electric, and many others, Lead Like an Entrepreneur reveals how to foster innovation at all levels of the corporation and how to employ entrepreneurial leadership qualities to turn ideas into economic value.

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