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We consult with both private and public sector organizations. Our goal is to help our clients utilize innovation as a tool to enhance organizational performance and to gain competitive advantage. We are also experts in helping our clients identify and remove organizational and human obstacles that block the path to creativity


Executive Education

The Imstrat team are all seasoned executive educaton professionals. We offer a number of executive education programs form quick start ideation though to strategic business development courses utilize innovation to create new businesses within the organization. Our courses always forcus on creating value from innovation not just on generating great ideas.



Imstrat’s senior associates are all seasoned public speakers and engage in a various public speaking venues for both public and private sector organization around the world. We are comfortable and skilled in talking to 30 people or 3000 people in keynote events. We always customize our messages for our audiences and we bring practical, memorable, and germaine stories and examples to back up our messages.


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Order Innovation Judo

Innovation Judo reveals 7 secret principles that can help any innovator overcome the roadblocks and blockheads that they will inevitably meet on the path to creativity. And these principles do not presuppose an innovation friendly culture. In fact, the profiles in this book will introduce you to innovators who have succeeded even when their organization’s culture was either not particularly friendly to new ideas or even downright hostile.



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